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Lindenhof Origin

Lindenhof gets its name from the trees that lead up to it: the Linden. As you get off the main street to drive up into our peaceful corner of paradise, the roads are lined on either side with linden trees. The Linden goes from a bright green in the spring, and, as time passes, it turns darker until it turns into a beautiful array of yellow, orange, and red.

The Lindenhof Churwalden is surrounded by the grison Alps, which are among Switzerland's most beautiful mountains and are home to many of the world's most famous ski resorts such as Davos, Sankt Moritz, Engadin, Lenzerheide-Arosa, and many others. The winters are long and snowy, with snowfall starting somewhere in the middle of December and ending in the middle of April. The summers are mild and pleasant, and mountain meadows are covered in luscious green grass, freckled with colorful mountain flowers.

The hotel was built in 1908. It briefly served as a retirement home for Churwalden, but it has now been restored to its original purpose. Since December 2021, it welcomes and invites the public to come to relax, recover, and be reenergized.

We invite you to come and stay!

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